The power to change your Karma, is with You!!

Lord Buddha had a devotee who was also his cousin. He was a brilliant man, and very devoted. In the beginning, Buddha’s sangha or communion was quite small, but in time it became bigger. So, the devotees close to Buddha became more possessive, and his cousin felt that he owned Buddha, but Buddha can’t be owned by anybody. You cannot say you own the ocean. So, because of this there were some misunderstandings and this cousin turned against Buddha. When some people have their own opinion or negativity, there are a few more people who will join them. This cousin of Buddha and a few people become a group, and one day when Buddha was giving a sermon, he went up the hill and pushed a boulder from there towards Buddha.It could have killed him. But the boulder stopped just few centimeters away from Buddha. The other loyal disciples got so angry and upset. They wanted to punish him and teach him a lesson, but Buddha stopped them and just smiled. He said, “It is karma. You don’t do anything

With reference to the article posted in sakal 2/1/18 ( page 2) , regarding remedy of cell phone addiction in kids :

1. Parents should strictly avoid cell phone usage ( wats app / social media etc ) in front of kids .. Phone should be used only for calls . 2. Minimum 2 hour time should be given by both parents ( father mother ) every day to kids ( talking to them / taking their studies ) 3. Engage the kids in their hobbies - singing , karate , dancing , panting music etc at least 3 days in a week . 4. Taking the kids for city tour every Sunday & out of town tour once in three month with family . 5. Make them do charity work / visit every weekend - orphanage, old age home , tree planting , blood donation camp etc know the outside world realty . 6. Play outdoor games with kids either morning or evening for physical mental fitness 7. Strictly a avoid TV in home where they can see bad news n think on it 8. Parents should never fight before kids ..this makes them isolated 9. Make MEDITATION compulsory for every family members before or after dinner together for 15 min . 10

5 reasons why new year resolution breaks !!

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Good Morning!!

“Take life day by day and be grateful for the little things. Don’t get caught up in what you can’t control. Focus on the positive... Rise up. Start fresh and see the bright opportunity in each day... When we are stuck in a rut we are being invited to grow and expand.... Every day may not be good. But there is something good in every day”!! Jai Hind!!

My Nation ...My Responsibility !!

By the grace of divine & social - moral responsibility, our healers team donated 173 blankets to the needy people across the city ... ( Without using our centre banner & identity - as it was the duty not the branding/ promotion of self /centre !!) Whole hearted gratitude to all our donors participants for their contribution in humanity upliftment !! My Nation ...My Responsibility !! Jai Hind .

Thought of the day!!

“I no longer search. The things that are meant for me, will always flow to me. I will never need to force it or change myself to attain them. Find your sense of self and be true to who you are..."


May your heart be filled with  GRATITUDE & JOY . Your Home with LOVE.. Your Life be Abundant with HEALTH WEALTH PEACE LONGEVITY KINDNESS & WISDOM.. Happy Morning!!